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Online Presence and Taking Payments

The last few weeks have been a little crazy for our nation and the world. Everyone is staying inside to try and keep the spread of COVID-19 under control. This has led to many small businesses being forced to shut down for the time being because they cannot be open without endangering their customers. Now, more than ever, the need for an online presence is essential to the success of a business. If you do not yet have an online presence, it is not too late for you to get one! People are spending time indoors and online and will continue to do so until the pandemic has passed. This means you are likely indoors and online as well. Why not use this time to make a website or start and app where people can purchase your goods and services? The time spent making your business grow online will benefit you, in the long run, no matter the outcome of the pandemic. Just think of it as another way to get up and running before you would if you had to remain closed until the pandemic is over.

One thing you will need to make your online business work is a way to receive payments online or within an application. You can also begin accepting payments over the phone. However, these are considered Card Not Present (CNP) transactions which may mean you will get charged extra fees for these transactions. CNP fraud is much more likely to occur than Card Present (CP) fraud and because of this, you will be paying fees to offset the cost of fraud protection. One way you can lower these fees is to ask more questions when taking these payments to further verify the purchaser’s information. When you as for the cardholder’s name and card number, make sure you also get the expiration date, CVV code, and the billing zip code. This should help prevent fraud and protect you and your customers.


Posted in credit card processing, online payment processing, Online Payment Solutions on Apr 08, 2020