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Payment Processors: What They Do And Why You Should Use Them

Low key macro shot with credit card.Owning a business can be tough work; you’ve got to manage employees, inventory, scheduling, wages, and revenue, and no matter how experienced you are, all of this can get very overwhelming. You shouldn’t have to handle all of that alone. This is where payment processing companies like us come to the rescue.

What Is A Payment Processor?

A payment processor is a third party company that handles transactions online from various channels, like checks, credit cards, and debit cards for merchants so that consumers can purchase their products. We evaluate many functions of the payments a merchant takes, such as valid and fraudulent credit card charges, and employ anti-fraud measures to ensure that a transaction was initiated by the source it claims to be.

Why Should I Use A Payment Processor?

Whether you’re running a successful business or just starting out, utilizing a payment processor can greatly help you manage your transactions and ensure that payments come through securely and on time. The payment process should go something like this:

1. Customer makes a purchase using a debit or credit card

2. Merchant submits a credit card transaction

3. The payment gateway sends the secure transaction to the processor

4. Processor receives, verifies, and approves or denies the transaction

5. Once approved, the customer’s bank sends the money to the processor

6. Payment goes through the processor and to the merchant’s bank

7. Processor sends the gateway an approved or denied status

8. Upon approval, a message is sent to the merchant

9. Merchant then receives the payment.

While there are some fees that go along with using a payment processor, such as a start-up or annual fee, a monthly statement fee, and transaction fees, the security you get when using them is well worth the price to anyone who has one too many things to tackle when it comes to their business. With a payment processor, you can feel confident that your transactions are being processed accurately, professionally, and safely.

As with any company or service, not all payment processors are created equally, and you can benefit from researching different ones before making a decision. Not all charge annual fees or make you sign a contract, and not all have the best reputation. Be informed when making a decision, and you’ll be happy you chose to let a payment processor handle all your business transaction needs.

Posted in Payment Processing on Apr 12, 2016