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Payment transaction with smartphoneTechnology in the 21st century pushes towards smaller, more powerful devices that provide greater levels of convenience. The smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices are the primary examples of this. Where you once needed a music player or radio to hear your songs, a TV to watch your programs, and a camera to take your photos and a phone to talk to people, a single device now handles all these functions.

And it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the online connectivity of these mobile devices, it’s possible for tablets and phones to access the Internet and make financial transactions. People have the ability to buy things on their devices from online services, but they also have the ability to act as digital “wallets” allowing people to make purchases in stores.

The Future Is Coming

Shoppers in larger cities are already beginning to appreciate—and demand—the increased convenience that comes from being able to use their own device to make a payment. It reduces the need to carry cash—or even credit cards—thus creating an even greater sense of safety and peace of mind, and, perhaps more important, it is convenient. This is especially true in the travel and fashion industries. People who are able make payments with a device while traveling can bypass concerns about keeping up with currency conversions and making sure that enough funds for the right country are available, while fashion shoppers often have their phone with them and find biometric features like finger print identification to be a safe, secure way to make purchases. Even some restaurants are now pioneering mobile payments as a way to efficiently allow diners to eat and then leave without waiting for a server to return and handle payments.

Convenience is the watch word with mobile payments, and the businesses that are oriented around aggressive customer satisfaction are realizing this. It’s even possible to reduce waiting at cash registers and other points of purchase by allowing shoppers to “check themselves out” by handling their own purchases, but that’s only possible if retailers take the next step.

Make An App For It

A dedicated app for a store can be many things. It’s one way for shoppers to empower themselves by being able to look at inventory, sales and prices without needing to wait for human assistance. But, combined with a mobile payment system, a dedicated app for a store is a way to engage with the customer and keep them in the store, and in your retail experience even when they are consulting their mobile device. By working a mobile payment processing system into a dedicated app, you can reduce waits at the counter for purchases, keep shoppers informed about special offers, sales and discounts on products, and cut down on the number of steps shoppers need to make in order to purchase something from your store via mobile platform.

All of this contributes to a sense of ease, convenience and even fun for shoppers at a physical outlet, and because the experience was so positive, it means repeat business. But only for those that are willing to embrace the future.

Posted in Online Payment Solutions on Dec 29, 2015