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If you pay attention to what the banking and telecommunications industries have to say about monetary exchanges for processing the payment of consumer purchases, you are going to see an increase in the number of payments that are made using mobile devices.  Not only are mobile payments growing in popularity, they may well replace credit and debit cards as well as hard cash as the primary monetary medium.  According to a leading IT industry advisory and research company (Gartner, Inc.), it was estimated that over 150 million consumers made mobile payments in 2012.


Not only is paying by phone a simple operation, it can build customer loyalty and improve your sales significantly.  By offering the mobile payment option to your customers you will increase sales and your business will benefit in the following ways:


When you consider the above benefits that result from accepting mobile payments, it is easy to see how why so many small businesses are adding this option at their checkouts.  These programs are considerably more cost-effective than other payment processing methods.  Best of all, they don’t require a lot of technological knowledge to use them.

Posted in online payment processing on Feb 22, 2014