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Process Your Credit Card Payments With Your PhoneWhen it comes to mobile payment systems, most people think about the shopper, or the end user. For the more technically inclined, using a phone that you bring everywhere anyway as a virtual wallet does make more sense. It’s also more convenient since it means that often a wallet may not even be necessary anymore, making for one less thing to worry about when it comes to going out shopping for a night on the town.

However, the convenience of mobile payments is not just restricted to the shoppers. If you weren’t aware, vendors can also enjoy the benefits of not needing a full-fledged, dedicated terminal in order to accept a credit card and receive legitimate payment from it.

Merchant Convenience

This is an especially important feature to consider if you have any special events, such as a street sale, or convention event where you may not have ready access to traditional power outlets and network connections. In the old days, there was only one way to process payments for outdoor or convention events and that was cash.

Today however, some companies offer options that allow you to turn your own phone into a credit card processor, in the same way that some shoppers have turned their phone into a wallet. This is both convenient for you and for your customers, and in many ways opens up your possibilities for more profit during special events. If you do a lot of selling in areas other than a traditional shop front with normal retail infrastructure, consider adding mobile credit card payment processing to your arsenal of tools. You’ll find that it’s not just easy to learn and fast to use, but is going to increase profit potential and maybe even convince some people that weren’t sure about buying something to go for the purchase after all!

Posted in credit card processing on Nov 08, 2016