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Protect Your Money: ACH Processing Payments Option

Banks offer ACH processing as an option to customers making regular payments requiring a reliable payment method. Credit cards or bank debit card transactions often carry a level of security risk when used for a regular monthly payment. Consumers worried about the risks associated with these transactions should seek the fees associated with each purchase, inquire if the option is only initiated by the bank, inquire about the estimate payment post time and inquire if the bank provides additional security for choosing this option. The ACH processing procedure requires the customer to set up regular payments with the billing company. The bank recognizes this payment as a check and processes the payment in the same manner. The customer is able to provide direct information for their account and does not have to give away credit information such as a debit card number. The ability to provide security to customers with each transaction is the main ideal of any bank. Protecting customers against fraud becomes a challenge when the standard option of payment is a debit card linked to an account. ACH processing allows the bank time to cancel any fraudulent charge that seem suspicious. Conscious customers often try to seek ways to avoid penalty fees of any type when considering the banking options they have in the current age. Customers may find that the ACH payment process has no fees associated and is one of the safest ways to complete a payment. Seeking additional information on fees? Contact your local bank branch. Initiating an ACH processing payment may require authorization from the customer. Many banks require the customer to provide information to the billing company such as a routing number and account number. Competing this process may require a special form from the bank or special confirmation number from the billing company. The time the payment may take to post to the billing company's account to allow with drawl of the funds varies based on the banking institute. The bank receiving the payments may take up to ten business days to post the payments. Customers are urged to speak to the billing company regarding the estimate post time. Account security such as personal information, checking account numbers and even social security numbers are greatly protected by many bank institutes due to the scams available today. ACH payments are initiated and canceled by the customer and can be tracked by the bank. The banking institute is able to cancel any payment before it posts if the payment is fraudulent. The ability to use ACH processing versus traditional use of a debit card offers many benefits. The ability to by pass any fees or the security of the process is the alluring factors to many consumers. Speak to your local bank regarding the ACH payment initiation process.

Posted in ACH, ACH Processing, Merchant Account, Uncategorized on May 08, 2010