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How To Be Safe When Accepting Online PaymentsCompanies today operate not just on-site, but online as well. A huge percentage of the population actually prefers to shop over the internet, and that means that if you're ignoring online payments you're ignoring a lot of potential clients – and a lot of potential sales. No matter what type of business you're in, the odds are good that online payments should be considered. But security is a concern many have, and there are some very valid reasons for that.

At National Processing, we understand that security and financial safety are two things that many merchants are concerned with when it comes to online payments. But as long as you take a few basic steps to ensure your security, it's possible to add online payment options to your business without that much risk. Thanks to technological advances and security measures, it's easier than ever to stay safe. First, ensure that your website uses the right security measures. If you utilize an online shopping cart, pay attention to what kind of encryption your host offers. Some merchant payment processors will offer you a secure hosted payment form. This is actually hosted on even more secure servers that allows your customers to shop and make their payments even safer. Look to ensure that your payment options are PCI compliant. Making sure that your online payment system meets all the PCI standards for security will mean that you reduce the risk to you and to your clients. Here are two options: • Address Verification – This system makes it easier for you to ensure that the person making a purchase online is actually who they say they are, and that they're using their own card. It's a simple enough option, but very effective. • Tokenization – This is a more advanced risk management feature that helps ensure that merchants don't store any sensitive data. It protects your clients, and could reduce your liability as well. The other key thing you need to do to stay safe is simply choose the best possible provider for your merchant processing. If you take the time to do this, you'll have a partner that not only offers you excellent rates and customer service, but also one who takes steps to keep you and your customers safe during all online transactions. You deserve to take advantage of those online sales and purchases, and it's easier than ever to stay safe and secure when you do.

Posted in online payment processing, Online Payment Solutions on Mar 20, 2014