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If your business sells its products and services online, an online payment service is essential for your business. Online payment services allow the consumer and business to quickly and electronically exchange money over the web. This service allows you to receive payment from nearly any person with an email address.


Secured Transactions Online

As e-commerce continues to rise in popularity, so have the security measurements for payments. Online payment services have developed a number of features to combat scams, fraud and identity theft. For example, to combat security risks some online payment services require a two-step verification, during which businesses provide their password as well as a six-digit code to enter the systems. All online transactions need to be secured and safe. Secured transactions are essential for online and e-businesses. Protect your credibility and integrity as a business by displaying to your current and potential consumer you care about the safety and privacy of their information.  

Virtual Shopping Carts

A virtual shopping cart will likely be a requirement of the online payment service you acquire. These online shopping carts allow consumers to order multiple products from your website and calculate the total, tax, and even shipping costs of their order. It also collects customer account and shipping information to allow for easy documentation and handling. There are some online payment service providers that supply businesses with virtual shopping carts at no cost, however if they do not there are third-party shopping cart services available.  

The Benefits of Online Payments

Creating an online payment account is usually a simpler and quicker process than setting up a Merchant Account, incurring fewer fees and processing costs. Additionally, providing your customers with a range of payment options makes your business look versatile and user-friendly. Build trust and loyalty through online payment services by giving the consumer the opportunity to store their personal credit card information for future use. Online payments are the future of business as companies are beginning to set up websites online to attract online audiences. You can show current and potential consumers your commitment to providing the secured quality, up-to-date payment options and ensure their continued appreciated business.

Posted in Online Payment Solutions on May 26, 2015