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Solutions for Seasonal Merchants and Credit Cards Processing

If it’s September and you don’t have your Christmas merchandise out on your shelves yet…boy are you behind the game! And as for Halloween… that’ll be on clearance before your kids can even carve their first pumpkin. Tick-tock, tick-tock people… seasonal sales come earlier and earlier each year. But don’t worry; the good folks here at National Processing have solutions for seasonal merchants and credit card processing to keep everyone ahead of the game.sEasonAl1

Open up a merchant account well before you need it. We'll set it aside for you until you are ready to start processing. Then just drop us an email telling us when to activate the account.  A similar email will tell us when to temporarily shut it off until you need it again. This applies to the summer holidays, and to credit card processing at flea markets, festivals and fairs as well. So you may have to move around your booth/sales tent on a regular basis, but there’s no need to worry about that when it comes to your seasonal merchant account. It can stay in one place; in our good hands.


Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards, Merchant Account, Payment Processing, Uncategorized on Sep 10, 2013