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Teach Your Customers Credit Processing SafetyAs a business leader, the financial health of your business is one of your top priorities. Keeping your enterprise growing and aware of new opportunities is vital to long-term success. That said, don’t forget that customers are one of the most vital links in the chain ... even when they aren’t making a purchase!

That’s right: Your customers’ well-being can impact you at virtually any time, present or future.

When customers engage in poor habits related to their sensitive credit card information, effects can easily rebound on you. For example, the recent Target credit card breach could have been noticed much sooner if more users reviewed their accounts for unusual activity. At National Processing, the security of financial information is paramount. Let’s look at some of the ways you can “inoculate” your business against trouble by engaging users and teaching them sound financial habits. Three Keys To Helping Customers Become Savvy And Secure 1) Make Sure Your Customers Know You’ll Never Ask For Sensitive Info Online If you are entrusted with customer financial data, one of the most important things you can do is ensure your users know never to volunteer that information in response to an email or a Web pop up window. The vast majority of “phishing scams” by hackers use one of these methods. 2) Secure Customer Phone Calls At Multiple Points In The Conversation When customers interact with your business by phone, they should have some way of knowing that your enterprise is on the other side of the line. A legitimate call from your business should always show up on caller ID, and representatives should offer a user-specific phone password before conducting business. 3) Do You Use A “Brick and Mortar” Point Of Sale? Be Diligent About Credit Cards When they receive new credit cards in the mail, very few people sign the back -- and even fewer businesses insist on checking signatures. Instruct your employees to occasionally “spot check” customers. If you scan a credit card that has no signature, be sure to politely mention this to the customer and encourage them to sign. Secure Credit Card Processing Is Paramount to Business The United States today has seen more than $854 trillion in total credit card usage, so it’s clear that credit cards won’t be going away any time soon. The average household credit card usage is more than $7,000. Overusing a credit card may be “too much of a good thing,” but it’s clear that customers expect and respect the power of credit. Help them use their cards more responsibly and they’ll know your business is looking out for them.

Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards, Payment Processing on Apr 24, 2014