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  Even if you are a brick and mortar business, there are several benefits to using online payment solutions. Typically, Internet payment solutions are integrated into a virtual store or other type of website. The customer is then able to order the products and services they want and pay for them using their credit card, debit card, and even checking/savings account. The payment processor captures the amount of the sale and transfers that money from the customer’s account to your business account. However, offline businesses can take advantage of online payment solutions as well.

The main benefit to using online payment solutions is convenience. Since the payments are processed online, you can accept credit cards and electronic checks anywhere you have access to the Internet. If you have an offline business that is constantly on the move, you would still be able to accept credit cards and other payment methods. For example, if you are a plumber, you could use a portable computer device like a laptop or iPad to visit the web interface of your online payment processor and run your customer’s credit card payment through right then. There would be no need for you to wait until you got to the office or use the telephone to call the payment information to the receptionist.

Another benefit to using online payment solutions is you can integrate it into your website for a variety of uses. In addition to taking payments for products and services, your customers can pay their bills on your website. This is particularly beneficial for companies that offer a subscription service of some kind. For instance, if you offer lawn maintenance services, you can bill your clients each cycle by regular mail or email and they can logon to your website and pay the bill online from the comfort of their home. With people so busy these days, this convenience may even attract more customers to you.

Online payment solutions allow you to take advantage of the Internet to create another stream of income for your business. Instead of making customers come to your store to purchase products, an online payment solution lets you open a virtual store where they can make purchases. All you need to do then is make sure you ship the items in a timely manner, and take care of any customer service issues that may arise. An online payment solution is a great way to bring your brick and mortar business to the 21st century.

Posted in online payment processing, Online Payment Solutions on Dec 20, 2011