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Three ACH Situations Where Customer Service Makes The Difference

Three ACH Situations Where Customer Service Makes The DifferenceAt National Processing, we pride ourselves on providing you with an exemplary customer service experience every time you’re in contact with us.

As a financial service, ACH processing is all about the bottom line and the value a processor can deliver consistently in exchange for its fees. So, how can we place such emphasis on an aspect of business that is admittedly very difficult to quantify?

Let’s look at three situations where customer service in ACH processing makes a difference. 1) Working With You To Select The Best Processing Options ACH processors should work hard and provide measurable results for you in exchange for fees. Fee schedules should be straightforward and transparent, allowing you to see how a processor benefits you. Representatives should be willing to discuss your options in full, providing you with the insight to make an informed decision. 2) Helping You Make Certain That Your ACH Transactions Are Secure Security is the backbone of any transaction, especially those that take place on the Internet. Keeping your customers happy means ensuring they never have a second thought when it comes time to volunteer information to your site. A good ACH processor must therefore be diligent in helping customers isolate and act on any transactions that might be fraudulent in any way. 3) Keeping Your ACH Payment Processing Fast And Efficient ACH processing is changing quickly. Industry experts suggest that it may only be a handful of years before ACH transactions can be processed several times a day -- or even instantly. For now, the single ACH processing period per day is the heartbeat of ACH. A good ACH processor must work hard to step in and help if anything disrupts ACH payments for any reason. Remember, value can be hard to quantify even in the finance world. The peace of mind that keeps your customers coming back to you may be hard to measure in traditional terms, but it will enrich your organization down the line.

Posted in ACH on Apr 17, 2014