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The Top Reasons Why National Processing Is Right For Your Business

The Top Reasons Why National Processing Is Right For Your BusinessIf you are looking for a great way to process various forms of payment for your business -- including credit cards, personal checks, and all kinds of electronic payments -- ACH is right for you.

National Processing is an industry-leading ACH payment processor. We know that you have many options when it comes to meeting your needs, so it is particularly important that you get exemplary service from a company you can trust.

In addition to our years of experience, we offer you the following:

1) PCI Compliance

PCI is a “gold standard” set of requirements for the secure use and storage of credit card information. As a merchant accepting credit card payments, you must be in compliance with these standards -- and National Processing will make it easy for you, regardless of the size of your business.

Thanks to our mastery of the PCI requirements, we can offer you secure storage of unlimited card information. When your customers choose to give you their credit card information, they will be just as protected as anyone working with a major national brand.

2) Powerful Business Analytics

National Processing wants to help you optimize your business processes. Our potent business analytics suite allows you to uncover valuable trends and other information about payments. Your financial leaders will find it easier than ever before to understand customers.

National Processing services integrate easily into your point of sale system. You can use the versatility of our programs to work with “brick and mortar” business transactions, e-commerce, or both. That makes National Processing your “one stop” ACH processing expert.

3) No Annual Contract

Many ACH processors will require you to sign a yearly contract in order to use their services. Unfortunately, this can be a way of making it “more trouble than it’s worth” to cancel a service once you realize that it is not up to your exacting standards.

Because National Processing is focused on quality, we don’t need to worry about using such tactics to maintain our customer base. Instead, we work hard to exceed your expectations. Our customer service is top notch, and you can part ways with us any time -- but you won’t want to!

To find out more about the concierge service that National Processing offers each one of our customers, call or email us today. We look forward to the opportunity to help your business thrive in a challenging economy.

Posted in ACH, ACH Processing, credit card processing, online payment processing, Payment Processing on Jun 03, 2014