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Unexpected Uses for Merchant Credit Card Processors

Church – Churches are starting to accept online donations, create mobile giving apps as well as accepting donations at credit card kiosks strategically placed inside the church itself. A receipt, not usually provided when you pass the plate, makes it easier to track your donations for tax purposes. Car Wash – Both self-serve and automatic drive-thru car-washing establishments are reaping the benefit of using a merchant credit card processor. Patrons who once drove by the car wash because they did not have change handy, can now stop and one swipe and four minutes later, drive off with a clean car. Laundry Mats – Laundry mats that have credit card capabilities on their machines are running their competitors without merchant credit card processors out of business. Girl Scout Cookie Sales – In larger metropolitan areas, troops are equipping themselves with the capability to accept credit card payments at both door-to-door and booth sales. Parking Meters – Centrally located payment centers are popping up all over cities where you can pay for your parking privileges by swiping your card, entering your meter number or parking stall number and entering how much time you need to park. A handy receipt helps you keep track of when you made your parking purchase so you don’t run out of time. Just make sure you note which meter you’ve parked at before you walk away from your stall.

Posted in Merchant Account on Jul 30, 2013