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Using Games As Marketing Tools

Using Games As Marketing ToolsWhether you’re strictly an online business, or you have a physical outlet that people visit, one of the big issues you’re always going to have is creating effective marketing to drive more business to you. In the 21st century, your marketing options have expanded considerably. You’ve still got access to the more traditional—and expensive—media channels, like television commercials, print ads, and radio spots.

But with the advent of the computer and the Internet, online and interactive marketing options are not just new, but in some ways far more effective at helping customers to remember your name and come to you when they have need of your products or services ljswqmw. Games, for example, may seem like an unusual way to reach out to your audience, but when properly handled, it can be a very effective way to keep your audience awareness high.

Play Is Memorable

Whether it’s video games, board games, or card games, people enjoy the act of play. Anything that engages people in a fun, interactive experience can make a huge impression on a person. Using games as a marketing tool, or making “Advergames,” as some people call it, is a unique way to create a piece of marketing that will stick with people because the repetitive nature of play means that they will come back to it again and again.

Of course, there’s the question of cost, but sourcing the service providers that can create this type of experience is easily done. The real question will be whether or not the actual expenditure will get you a return on investment in the form of increased business.

Implementation Matters

One of the things you should probably not do if you’re thinking in investing in games as marketing is to simply create a game, and then paste your name, logo and branding somewhere on the screen. This isn’t particularly effective advertising, as it doesn’t tie the game to you or your business.

On the other hand, if you find the right people and give them a brief where you outline your desire to make an interactive experience that adds relevance to your business, you can make something with real market penetration. For example, a simple game in which completing tasks rewards the player with discount codes, loyalty/reward points, or some other type of incentive that ties back to your business is going to be much more effective. Now, not only has the player “won” a game which was enjoyable, but the reward itself is something that encourages them to give you more business.

By taking the time to understand the drawing power of games and working to design one that funnels people back to your business, you have an opportunity to create a marketing tool that isn’t just “one and done.” With the proper programming, these games can be updated online, meaning that you can actually add new content to them when you have a promotion or sale that you want people to take advantage of. It’s an unusual method of marketing, but works very well for the people that implement it correctly.

Posted in Other on Feb 07, 2017