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Our economic system allows anyone to monetize any aspect of production, from manufacturing to banking. The Internet has spurred the growth of online payment processing as a convenient and secure method of handling transactions. The security comes from the software encryption used to protect sensitive data, while the convenience arises from the fact that the Internet allows access to payment processors from any Internet connection anywhere in the world. There are several companies that offer payment processing services.

PayPal: This is the most ubiquitous as well as the most famous payment processor. Almost everyone has either used or knows something that has used PayPal for completing a transaction. PayPal can be used for payment as well as for sending donations to websites or organizations. PayPal allows clients and customers to exchange payments safely, with neither party having any access to either party's financial information.

Google Checkout: First made available in the United States in 2006, Google Checkout is rapidly becoming one of the most popular brand names for payment processing. The fees for personal and business transactions are competitive and if clients also have an AdWords account, a "secure checkout" logo will be added to clients' advertisements, creating a unique way to build trust among customers. Google as a brand is so trusted people readily use Google Checkout for online payments.

National Processing: This is a leading payment processor based in the United States. It is currently independent and not owned by any other company or organization. National Processing specializes in dealing with small businesses and provides customers with a simple, user-friendly service. National Processing has a good reputation and delivers a quality array of services to its customers.

SagePay: Until recently this company was known by the much more common name of Protx. SagePay is one of the most well-known payment processors in the UK and Ireland. According to official statistics, SagePay claims to have over twenty-five thousand customers. They have been in business for years, and their fees are competitive with companies all over the British Isles. For the UK market, SagePay is one of the leading payment processors on the Internet.

These payment processors are not the only ones available, of course. Solid Trust Pay is a well-known Canadian payment processor that also has a good reputation for integrity. Depending on your needs, you may choose another one entirely. The wide range of choices will not leave you wanting.

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