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Your Online Presence Is For More Than Payments

online payment icon, online payment logo, online payment icon veOnline shopping and the payment processing for it has become a cornerstone of business in the 21st century, and with good reason. After all, why should anyone limit their sales to people who come walking through a door at a physical place of business when there’s an entire planet looking for your product if only they had a way to give you their business?

This is the exciting reality of the retail business today, but it also means one very important thing; you’re not the only one taking advantage of this opportunity. As more ways to reach out to customers are made available, so are the ways to convince customers to choose one business over another. One of those ways is social media and if you have an online business component, but aren’t taking advantage of social media, chances are your business isn’t achieving its full potential. Social media is a big marketing opportunity for businesses that take the right approach to it. You must treat it as a promotional tool, not the typical consumer way of informing people of births, putting up vacation photos, or gushing about dinner at good restaurant. The beauty of social media is that it gives people the illusion of interacting with each other, asynchronously, with short, bite-sized messages. Businesses can take advantage of this illusion with their own interactions with consumers. By having a strong online media presence that occasionally answers customer questions or replies to customer comments, businesses give customers a sense that they have a “relationship” with the business, in the same way customers feel they have a “relationship” with celebrities or casual acquaintances on Twitter or Facebook simply by being added to a list. By cultivating this sense of relationship, businesses can forge bonds with potential customers that will put them first and foremost in their minds when it comes time to purchase a product. We now live in a world where people find it easy to ignore—or even block—traditional forms of advertising. But social media is an addiction that many consumers seem unable to overcome. Take advantage this opportunity, and use social media with your customers.

Posted in business opportunity on Dec 08, 2015