Merchant Processing Account Solutions

We know that your company has many options when it comes to online merchant credit card processing.
That’s why National Processing has more to offer than just low rates. We are proud to offer you better services and make the payment processing easier and faster for you. Regardless of whether you’re starting a small business out of your home or developing plans for launching a national company, one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is a need for merchant processing services. The different methods that you establish for payment processing and collecting on accounts when you are still new will determine how quickly you can achieve your profit and sales goals in the future. If you want to be able to hold your ground against the stiffest competition, you’re going to need efficient business solutions. Make sure that you have every opportunity to exceed your wildest expectations by keeping these important suggestions in mind.

Benefits of Credit Card Processing

  • With merchant accounts, you can dramatically increase your sales since most people use a credit card as their primary form of payment today.
  • By accepting credit cards, you can make any and all of your customers feel secure in their purchases – and you’ll feel secure, too.
  • Keep better track of your financial transactions. When you sign up for a merchant account for your business, you will receive a monthly statement of all your transactions and the money you have received. Such statements are invaluable come tax time.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Merchant Processing Services

What is a Merchant Account?

In case you’ve never heard of merchant processing before, you should know that it’s a system that is put in place so that you can accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic payment from your customers, both in person and online. When you install these processing systems at your business, you open up a line of communication between your accounts and the customer’s bank through which the funds can be instantaneously transferred. These electronic services can help you avoid the sort of horror stories you may have heard from other business owners about customers who neglected to pay their bills for weeks or even months.

A merchant account is a special account provided by a special bank, where finances from sales through credit cards are routed and held before being further transferred to the personal business account of the business. Any business who desires to accept credit cards has to have a merchant account for accepting payments through credit cards and electronic payments.

Let us help you bring convenience and value to your customers and make business easier for you while saving you money at the same time!

The first thing that you have to ask yourself when considering merchant processing services is, “Who will be the best type of financial entity to provide them for me?” While banks are a popular choice for providing payment processing services, they are often only willing to work with larger businesses or small businesses whose profit margins are well established. If you’re still new, it might be more advantageous to work with an independent sales organization that can be more flexible in meeting your needs.


You might also be wondering whether you really have to set up merchant processing just to be able to accept credit card payments, and the answer is no. However, those who choose to work directly with the credit card check processing companies themselves to process payments, usually find that they are forced to sacrifice a much larger percentage of every ticket as a fee for this credit card merchant account service. If you are planning on conducting a lot of electronic payments, through a website for instance, it is in your best interests to find a financial services provider that can create a processing package that fits nicely into you budget.

National Processing provides ach check processing and credit card processing services to retail, wholesale, mail/phone order, commercial and eCommerce businesses. We have integrated relationships with many banks and an infrastructure that is flexible; we can offer custom-made programs for any business category. It can be more convenient for your customers to do business with you when you have National Processing supporting your credit card processing needs.