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National Processing Empowers Your Point Of Sales With Great Features

August 1, 2021 • by shall

While it once looked like brick and mortar storefronts were about to be engulfed by a wave of new ecommerce options, the tide is turning once again in favor of local businesses. Over the last several years, state governments have shown their determination to attack one of the most powerful ecommerce organizations on the planet,

Use Tax

Up until very recently, Amazon customers have benefited from lax enforcement of the use tax that applied to purchases made online. Use tax was intended to be self-reported by customers following an internet purchase. Thanks to aggressive new legislation across a number of states, Amazon and other major ecommerce players are now compelled to collect taxes on most online purchases during a sale.

What effect will this have on brick and mortar business? It is, in fact, already being felt. Local and regional businesses now have the power to fight back. 

While it seemed as if Amazon might undermine traditional retailers just six months ago, things are changing in favor of traditional businesses. State-level legislation will help moderate the economic influence of Amazon and might drive more people to local stores, including mom and pop operations. However, this alone will not be enough to ensure that your e-commerce and local efforts will be robust. 

There are many different aspects that businesses will have to contend with in order to get a slice of what was formerly the Amazon pie, and they are all tied in with point of sale:

  • Ensuring that customers will be able to pay for purchases quickly and easily.
  • Providing a high level of security for transactions in person and on the internet. 
  • Capturing and evaluating information on customers to improve business models.

ACH Solutions

National Processing gives you powerful ACH processing and business intelligence. When you choose National Processing, you can easily take care of all three of these needs. Our services include credit card, check, and ecommerce payment processing. Our speed, reliability, and security will make your business second to none. Plus, we empower your point of sale with deep business analytics tools. You will be able to capture and review transaction data, diving deep into the trends that impact your business. 

As the market landscape evolves, the enterprise with the greatest understanding of its customers, capabilities, and needs will be the one most likely to come out on top. ACH processing with us can be the distinct advantage that levels the playing field.

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