Consumers like to write checks! Checks are still the most popular payment option chosen at the point-of-sale today. Check sales account for over 50 percent of all non-cash payments at the point of sale.When your business accepts more checks, you make more money. We have a variety of products to help your business in this regard: Check21, Point of Sales Solutions, Checks by Phone, Check Guarantee, ACH processing, Remote Deposit Capture and many others. National Processing is here to assure that you can be accommodated by offering the most efficient and effective check processing acceptance programs in the industry today. National Processing check services specializes in delivering solutions that meet the payment processing needs of virtually every business. Our wide variety of products and services helps you accept more checks and realize increased cash flow, while reducing risk.

Benefits of ACH Check Processing

  • Increases sales by allowing merchant to accept more checks with reduced risk.
  • You can improve the availability of funds on check deposits.
  • Reduces or eliminates check deposit and return check fees.
  • Provides the ability to accept checks as easily as credit cards.

Check Services

Online ACH Check Processing

What can online checking do for you?

Remote Deposit Capture (Check 21) – This allows your business to process and deposit all types of paper checks remotely without having to physically take them to the bank. Secure web-based software combines with a check imager to provide your business a quick and easy method of removing paper from the check acceptance and deposit process.

Electronic Check Conversion (ECT) this program combines the benefits of paper checks with the speed, ease and safety of electronic processing. It’s just like accepting a credit card or debit card processing at the point of sale. The check is converted to a paperless transaction by electronically moving funds from the customer’s bank account to your business’ bank account. Combined with Check Guarantee, this processing service delivers a streamlined check acceptance process that eliminates returned checks and returned check fees, while reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.

Check Guarantee is a service that is a simple process at the point of sale. The sales clerk simply enters the customer’s credit card processing information into the point-of-sale terminal or cash register. In less than four seconds it authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks.