Merchant Services Affiliate Program

Merchant services affiliate programs are hard to come by. Most payment processing companies offer similar programs in the form of independent sales agents. However, we’ve changed the model by allowing anyone with a quality business network and access to influence the marketplace the ability to earn residual income.

How it works

Sign up – Once you’ve completed the sign up process, you will be able to refer potential customers through our portal. We do require your referrals to be “warm leads”. In other words, the leads need to know you referred them to us and we will be contacting them on your behalf. Cold, low quality leads will result in your account being suspended.

Sale – Once we receive a referral, our expert account executives will contact your them and walk through the sales and application process. We may also contact you to get more information or understand more detail about the referral and relationship.

Onboarding – If the referral meets our underwriting qualifications, we will take them through the entire process from application to processing their first transaction! Our customer success team will ship the equipment (if any) and make sure they are successful. You will be notified of their statuses via our portal and/or the AE who worked with your referral.

Large Volume/High Profile Affiliates – Do you have a large review site or other network where you anticipate referring hundreds of leads per month? Please contact us to discuss custom tailored options: [email protected].


How do I get paid? – Once your referral begins processing transactions, revenue starts to generate on that account. Residual payouts are 60 days in arrears. You will be paid 45% (1-9 accounts) or 70% (10+ accounts) on the net revenue. You will need to provide a W9 and account information within the affiliate portal.

What referrals qualify? – We require you only refer business in the market for payment processing and we ask that you make an introduction. This can be in person or through some other means like an email campaign. Only qualified referrals will be considered.

Who is the merchant services affiliate program for? – High traffic website owners, B2B companies wanting another revenue stream. Anyone with a business network. Anyone wanting additional revenue. Anyone with affiliate marketing experience.

How much can I earn? – This depends entirely on how many businesses you refer and how much processing volume they transact. Otherwise, the sky is the limit! We’ve seen several affiliates earn $5k-$10k+ per month recurring residual revenue.

What services do you offer – Affiliates are able to refer businesses in need of credit card processing, POS systems, mobile payments, gateways, and more.

*Payouts only occur when the amount exceeds $50.