If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you a $500 Visa gift card!
* Excludes merchants processing under $10k monthly

Free EMV Terminal & Rates as Low as 0.15% *

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If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you a $500 Visa gift card!

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Interchange-plus pricing. No surprises, 100% transparency.

We use the fairest pricing structure in the industry, with fixed margins, so you get the best pricing possible. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees, no rate increases – ever!

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Powering Commerce With Solutions for Every Business

Mobile card reader

Do you need the mobility and convenience to accept payments on the go? We've got you covered.

Clover POS

We offer the world's most sophisticated point of sales systems available.

Verifone VX 520
In Store

We offer a huge variety of in store payment solutions for all needs and business types.

Online payment solutions

Accepting payments online? We've got your ecommerce and online payment needs covered.

Our Promise

National Processing Promises The Following:

1) In the event that your business is sold or closed, National Processing will waive your termination fee upon receipt of the appropriate documentation.

2) In the event that National Processing can't meet or beat a competitor's rates, your termination fee will be waived. In order to qualify, the competing quote must be submitted to National Processing in writing on the competitor's contract.

3) In the event that you leave National Processing for a competitor without providing the opportunity to meet or beat your offer, you agree to pay the standard termination fee.

Fees What We (don't) Charge
check Annual Fees None
check Monthly minimum fees None
check Long Term Contracts None
check Early Termination Penalties/Fees See our Promise
Fees Our Cost
check Interchange + Margins 0.20% + $0.10
check Monthly Fee $9.95/month
check Interchange Fees No markup/Pass-through at cost
check Card Assessment Fees No markup/Pass-through at cost
check ACH Rejection Fee $15/instance
check AVS Fee $0.05/transaction
check Batch Fee $0.10/batch
check Chargeback $15.00/instance
check Retrieval Fee $5.00/instance
check Voice Authorization $1.50/authorization
check PCI Compliance $4.95/month
check PIN Debit Fees No markup/Pass-through at cost

Our Full Disclosure

Call us crazy but we believe in transparent pricing. Here's everything for all to see. Compare us to the competition. We're confident we've got them beat!


If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you a $500 Visa gift card!
* Excludes merchants processing under $10k monthly