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Wells Fargo – A Long History, But a Good Bet?

February 3, 2022 • by jclarknationalprocessing-com

If you think of Wells Fargo, images of a stage coach, the Old West, and nimble gun-slingers may come to mind. You might think of time-tested strength and being there through the good times and the bad. If you are looking for merchant account services with Wells Fargo, it might be good to know that the company behind the service is actually First Data, and the representative you are purchasing services from, isn’t even a Wells Fargo employee.

Average Ratings

Given this kind of setup, some merchants have unfortunately been misled and have wound up with something less than a safe bet. One of the most common complaints is not receiving full disclosure. Certain pieces of information, important to you the merchant, may be overlooked or even misrepresented. Such things as overpriced equipment rentals, very expensive cancellation fees, and higher than normal rates are unfortunately not rarities when signing up with a Wells Fargo/ First Data merchant service account. One independent reviewer who gave their service a C+, had to shortly lower it even more to a C.

And yes, a C is average, OK maybe – but we at National Processing want you to know that you have an A – that you are getting an A quality service. And we don’t see any reason that you shouldn’t be able to. In fact, that is why when you work with us – you work directly with us. We are not a front for another company. You get to know us, and the services that we offer.

Transparency Through Education

One thing we promote and are proud of is education. When your money and your transactions are involved, you deserve full disclosure and education about how things work and what is in your best interest. Our business survives and flourishes because we are determined to work the merchant processing system to your benefit– leaving you fully knowledgeable of what is going on.

“Wells Fargo” may be one of the top 10 most popular merchant processing providers, but is it your best choice? We don’t think so. And we are happy to take the time to show you why. If you have a few minutes, please give us a call, and we will take the time to focus on what is best for your interests. Yes, getting educated could take 5 or 10 minutes out of your busy day, but in the end, it could keep quite a few dollars in your bank account and not in someone else’s.

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