New Clover Mobile Means New Ways To Pay

Being able to keep your business moving is important for hundreds of different kinds of businesses. From trade shows to food trucks to giving customers the ability to purchase products anywhere in your store directly from mobile representatives, today’s credit card processing needs to be able to meet the demands that a constantly moving world […]

Can Bluetooth Payment Processing Help Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

Today’s businesses require a number of different things in order to go beyond just succeeding and exceed their goals consistently. While broader things like good marketing strategies, strong employee relations, and a good brand identity are all important, it’s important to pay attention to smaller things that have a big influence as well.

Affiliate Programs Can Give You Money From Merchant Processing

Recently, the internet has inspired a new kind of sales staff: the affiliate partner. Affiliates don’t work for the company directly, not as an enrolled employee, but they do earn commissions and residuals in exchange for referring customers to the company’s products and services. Commissions are more common for one-time deals, while residuals come from […]

What Makes ACH A Good Payment Method?

ACH, or automated clearinghouse, is an electronic payment method that’s easiest to understand when you think of it as the next step in checks. It’s important for merchants to accept credit and debit cards thanks to how many people use them today, but merchants who accept large payments and use their website for business should […]

Choose The Right People To Expand Your Merchant Services Partnership

As a merchant services partnership, your job is to convince merchants of all stripes to switch to your sponsor’s network, whether it’s for online transactions, card payments, or direct bank transfers. Your reward is a residual, a percentage of the net profit made based on the volume of the merchant’s transactions. How big this percentage […]