The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Company To Handle Your Online ACH Check Processing Needs

Although paper checks are not used to pay for goods or services as often as they once were, many consumers still use them today. It stands to reason that if a company accepts multiple types of payments, the institution will make more money and increase profitability. Nevertheless, numerous owners shy away from letting consumers buy […]

Terminals That Make Credit Card Processing A Cinch

Companies that accept multiple payment types tend to see better profits than cash only entities. By allowing consumers to purchase goods or services with credit cards, checks, and money too, the business accommodates customer spending needs, which prevents the establishment from having to turn people away. Although there are many benefits to letting shoppers pay […]

Transparency in the Credit Card Processing World


In the world of credit card processing, transparency is king. In fact, transparency has its own language… ok, maybe not language, but there are keywords, that every business owner should pay attention to, such as yes, no, never, and always. Any business (worth its weight in salt) should be able to deliver on these transparent […]

7 Ways to Lower Chargeback Numbers and Save Your Company Money


Every business owner has experienced customer chargebacks. This is most likely to occur when the customer is unsatisfied with the product, did not receive their order, or experience fraudulent charges on their card. Business owners know that this is an unavoidable part of running a company, so they accept it as a necessary evil. Almost […]

Understanding the Cash Discount Program

Cash Discount Program

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing is Possible Credit card processing can come with some hefty fees and is becoming increasingly expensive for merchants. This is especially a challenge for small businesses with small budgets. Interchange fees, otherwise known as swipe fees, can become a financial burden on small businesses when they decide to accept credit […]

Credit Card Fraud & Holiday Season

The business world is officially deep in the craziest shopping season of the year. The amount of transactions that an average business sees during the holidays is astronomical in comparison to the rest of the year. Unfortunately, with the booming sales comes an increase in fraud. If you prepare, you’ll be able to better protect […]

What is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI – DDS) applies to companies of all sizes. If you intend to accept payment by card (which you should, cash is no longer king), you’ll need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider. There are some goals that need to be met to […]

The Future of Payment Processing

  The requirement to pay for stuff is just a part of life, but for those who run a business, the future brings developments that affect the “getting paid” side of the equation. The payment industry is constantly evolving, just like everything else we experience in life. We started with trading (I’ll give you one […]