Zero Fee Credit Card Processing is Possible

How does zero fee processing cash discount work?

The strategy to doing the cash discount program is eliminating your own processing fees by incentivizing customers to pay with cash. Here's how it works: the business owner would place a sign by the register that says "get a 4% discount by paying with cash", explaining that the posted prices are the "Cash Discounted Prices". When the customer pays with cash, they will be charged the 'regular' price for the products or services. When customers see this, they are less motivated to use a credit card. Who doesn't want to save money??

This program is completely legal and is acceptable to offer a discount to customers for paying cash or charging them the "regular price" at the credit card terminal. If processing costs are built into your prices, it is possible that surcharging will allow you to lower prices across the board. This, in turn, could make your business more competitive, especially if most of your customers pay with cash, check, or debit card.

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Collect Uniform Fee

By assessing a "Cash Discount Fee" to all customers paying with checks, credit or debit cards and posting the appropriate signage, you meet the standards of major card service providers, state and federal laws.

Incentivize Cash Payments

Customers who pay with cash avoid the "Cash Discount Fee" and all others will see a line item added to their receipt. Typically 3.5%-4%.

Eliminate Processing Fees

By implementing our Cash Discount Program, you can offset most, if not all, of your merchant processing fees. The small fee is applied towards your merchant processing bill and offsets most, if not all, of the fees for credit card processing. This produces a “near-zero” credit card processing bill/statement.


Get Started With Cash Discount

Cash Discount Program Capable Terminals

We currently have the following options for Cash Discount Capable terminals

merchant foundry pos Foundry POS

Foundry POS is an innovative, proprietary Android tablet-based POS software suite loaded with intuitive business management tools. Created with small and medium sized businesses in mind, it’s a simple solution with powerful results!

  • - Commercial grade hardware
  • - All-In-One POS – simple plug & play setup
  • - Integrated receipt printer
  • - Integrated 13 inch touchscreen
  • - Integrated bar code scanner
  • - Integrated cash drawer
  • - Optional kitchen printers – ethernet and bluetooth
  • - Contactless (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc.)
  • - EMV reader (Chip Cards)
  • - Customer facing display
S80 CounterTop Payment Terminal

The S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to ensure faster, more reliable transactions.

The S80 comes with inbuilt contactless and a powerful ARM11 processor, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications, making this countertop terminal one of the most reliable in the world.

S90 Mobile Payment Terminal

The S90 mobile POS terminal has been designed to offer superior wireless performance, embedded in a ruggedized yet stylish form factor. With options for single SIM or dual SIM functionality, and with a large memory and a high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular mobile terminals with merchants today.

Dejavoo Z8 Dual Comm Contactless Terminal
  • Dual Comm with EMV and NFC Contactless Built In
  • 2.4’’ Color LCD with backlight
  • 192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)
  • PCI PTS certified
  • EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified
  • Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass,
  • American Express & JCB J/Speedy certified
  • 32bits 400MHz high speed microprocessor
  • Optional version dual comm & Wifi
Dejavoo Z9 Wireless 3G and WiFi

Built in WiFi Model- for Dual Comm flexibility! WiFi Model - Use your own WiFi wireless network - Ideal for Pay at the Table! Connect Easily, Terminal finds available networks! Multiple Options Keeping You Connected!

  • EMV and NFC Contactless Built In
  • 3.5’’ Color LCD with Touchscreen for Signature on Display
  • 192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)
  • Model: The Vega 3000 is PCI PTS certified
  • EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass,
  • Prepaid Data Plans for 3G Models - No Gateways, sends an IP Transaction over the GPRS Radio
  • 3G Models use multiple data networks for unbeatable coverage map
  • Self discovering WiFi networks - set up with the touch of an icon for all WiFi enabled Models
  • 32bits 400MHz high speed microprocessor
  • Portable design. Optional charging station w/added Dial & IP connectivity - For Quad Comm!

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