Services We Offer

We have a variety of tailored payment solutions to help maximize the potential of your business, regardless of which sector you work in. Whether you need a robust POS system, reliable credit card processing, or a trustworthy merchant account, there’s no need to worry; National Processing has you covered.


Retail businesses–whether a single or multi-store location–know that credit cards are the preferred method of payment for consumers. Just because there are associated transaction fees does not mean merchants should pay more than necessary.


Restaurants experience a high number of transactions each day. Though the average transaction amount might be smaller than those of other business types, these small ticket transactions can quickly add up. Your National Processing merchant account will help you save by charging less per transaction.


Because we work with a wide range of solutions and systems, we can offer our clients a multitude of integration options. Whatever you need your merchant services to interact with, we can provide a system that connects to it.

ACH (eCheck)

ACH is a great alternative to credit card processing, offering security, reliability, and low transaction fees. ACH is a sound option, even when you need to accept credit cards as a payment method. ACH is ideal for businesses that accept recurring payments and those seen by banks to be mid to high risk.

Cash Discount

Cash discounts are a great way for retail stores, restaurants, salons, repair stores and more to eliminate card processing fees. You save and your customers save when they pay with cash, making this a winning combination. National Processing offers free merchant accounts for businesses that have a cash discount program.


Not all businesses have the luxury of running transactions when the consumer is not present. National Processing helps you give your customers convenience by accepting credit cards over the phone or internet and eliminating the need for card present transactions.

High Risk

Banks consider the nature of some companies and industries to be high risk. As a result, it can be difficult to accept non-cash payments. National Processing merchant accounts and credit card processing services help you avoid trouble with unannounced terminations and frozen funds.