Because we work with a wide range of solutions and systems, we offer our clients a multitude of integration options. Whatever platform or service you’re working with, we can provide a processing solution that connects to it.


We have multiple APIs to integrate credit card gateways, ACH payments, and more. Whatever custom payment processing integration your needs require, we have an integration that will get you accepting payments fast.


QuickBooks is perhaps the single most commonly used bookkeeping software for SMBs. At National Processing, we strive to deliver tailored solutions to your needs, including integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Desktop versions for just $7 per month per connected computer. Note that we do not support QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Servers.


What’s the most popular website platform in the world? WordPress. And WordPress can help you sell more online, too, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. With that being said, you still need the means to process credit and debit cards securely. National Processing offers full integration within WooCommerce. Note that a third-party plugin is required, which may incur an additional fee.


BigCommerce is the platform supporting many of today’s hottest eCommerce success stories. However, to serve your customers, you need a way to process their payments. That’s where National Processing comes in. And it couldn’t be easier! Integration is baked right into BigCommerce, which means no plugins and no hoops to jump through.


Ecwid has built its business around the concept of empowering users to sell all over the web – at no cost. While the platform delivers critical capabilities, you’ll still want National Processing to power your payment processing (and it’s built right into Ecwid’s control panel).


Zendesk is a powerful, flexible CMS that offers plenty of potential and scalability. National Processing offers full integration with Zendesk, including basic payment links, to help you do more with the tools you already know and love. Note that a third-party plugin is required, which may incur additional costs.


One of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms on the planet, Shopify offers flexibility and ease of use. National Processing provides a complete payment processing solution that integrates directly with Shopify. Note that Shopify charges an extra 1% per transaction if is integrated into the shopping cart.


Opencart provides an open-source eCommerce platform that’s simple to get up and running and easy to manage. However, you will still need a way to process credit and debit cards, and National Processing delivers affordable, scalable solutions. Note that there’s a third-party plug-in required, which may incur additional costs.