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Accept payments without hardware! National Processing has virtual POS and virtual terminal solutions for online and phone order businesses. Our virtual solutions have easy to follow APIs for your developers as well as existing integrations for the most popular e-commerce platforms. For phone order businesses; you can hand key transactions, create recurring payments, send invoices, or create simple payment links.

Device Type
Terminals is a time-tested eCommerce solution that you can trust. More than 430,000 merchants use this gateway, either by logging in directly, connecting it to one of its numerous integrated partners, or connected through its slick API to their other systems. If you already have, we can often reprogram it, or save you money by creating a new one with our direct relationship.

National Processing Gateway

Our reliable gateway is a powerful tool for eCommerce merchants of all kinds. It is very user friendly, both in connecting to online shopping carts and manually running transactions. The gateway is a great fit for all online businesses, both small and large. We highly recommend it, especially for websites designed from the ground up due to its long term savings when compared to

SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal

SwipeSimple Dashboard is included with every account, and it’s a set of features that will save you time, provide important insights, and help you increase your profits.

  • Collect and edit customer contact info in one convenient place to streamline your  marketing and sales efforts.
  • Track purchase history down to the customer level and discover new ways to promote and sell more.
  • Instantly see which products and services are your best sellers and grow your business.

SwipeSimple B250

The SwipeSimple B250 card reader connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet and supports all the modern ways to pay.

  • Supports all credit card payment methods including contactless tap, EMV Quick Chip, and magnetic stripe.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy securely connects to your mobile device and uses less power.
  • Long-lasting battery life takes payments all the way until closing time.