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6 Reasons to Start Using a Mobile Furniture Store POS

When was the last time you upgraded your point of sale (POS) system? Technology is evolving quickly, and if you’re not keeping up with your competitors, you’re at risk of losing these customers. A mobile furniture store POS offers your business the opportunity of impressing customers while improving their support and experience.

However, the benefits of a mobile system also extend to your furniture store in ways that streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

Furniture Store POS: 6 Reasons to Go Mobile

1. Create New Revenue Channels with Curbside Pick-up or Home Delivery Channels

In the six-month period between October 2020 and April 2021, 75% of customers used curbside pickup at least once. And more than 50% of big retailers are offering this service because of customer demand.

Furniture stores can cater to their customers by adopting mobile POS systems that allow them to:

  • Offer online ordering and curbside pickup. When loading the furniture into the person’s vehicle, you can swipe their credit or debit card.
  • Offer delivery options. You can deliver furniture to the customer’s home and take their payment method there.

Mobile POS systems offer your customers the freedom to purchase products outside of your store. 

2. Inventory Management to Rapidly See If Items Are in Stock

If customers are interested in a particular piece of furniture, you can use your mobile POS to provide fast and friendly service. The right mobile system will connect to your inventory management system to determine whether you have products in stock.

When a purchase is made using the system, it will adjust the inventory amount for you.

Customers that are out on the sales floor will have a better experience when your sales team can be proactive and go to them to see if you have specific items in stock.

You can also check this data anywhere since cloud solutions and mobile connections can be utilized on the go. For example, you can hold a major furniture event where you have certain pieces on display and be away from the warehouse while checking your inventory quickly.

3. Reduce the Need for Mounds of Paper

Are you tired of having to fill out loads of paperwork for a furniture sale? Mobile solutions remove the need for lots of paper by allowing you to:

  • Stop making copies of sales receipts or printing out sales forms
  • Take signatures from a mobile device with e-signature solutions
  • Store signatures securely in the cloud 
  • Take customer email information and automatically send receipts to customers

Your mobile POS will keep records of all transactions and customer data so that you can refer to it in the future, too. If you have a lot of confusing and time-consuming paperwork required to make a sale, you can eliminate the redundant paperwork by going mobile.

Customers and sales associates will have a better overall experience, too.

4. Reduce the Risk of Errors

When your sales associates have to write down payment info or take it over their phone or tablet, there’s a risk of error. Errors can make your business look unprofessional. Customers that want to buy a particular product also don’t have to risk being told the product was in stock when the sales associate didn’t realize that the last unit just sold.

Mobile POS units reduce the risk of error by:

  • Managing inventory data in real-time
  • Accepting credit or debit cards accurately

Errors can and do impact your business, but a POS can help streamline sales, improve customer service and make your associates’ jobs easier. For example, your sales team can spend more time selling your products to customers rather than going into the warehouse to check on stock.

5. Integrate Your Solutions Together

Mobile solutions of today integrate neatly together to enhance your backend and frontend. For example, sales teams can check in on inventory, sales can go directly into a database that accounting software can access, and logistics can be managed automatically.

If stock goes low on a furniture set, the proper setup can determine whether new stock needs to be ordered or if you’ll no longer sell the item.

Internal communication is a lot easier with cloud-based POS systems because data is updated rapidly and can be accessed by other teams.

6. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

Customers have a lot of payment options, and they want to utilize them whenever they can. Some customers prefer credit or debit, but others want to pay using cash. Upgrading to a modern mobile system provides you with the option to accept a variety of payments, including:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Gift card
  • Cash
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

The more payment options you offer your customers, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. You can also find POS solutions that have LTE data plans of their own. These data plans offer true wireless payment acceptance wherever your customers are located as long as they have a signal.

Suppose you already have a POS system at checkout that is set up to your liking. In that case, you can always opt to have a setup specialist integrate your mobile solution to mimic the functionality of your current system.

Don’t think of a mobile furniture store POS as replacing your current system. Instead, these are systems that work alongside your current setup to help your business run efficiently and improve the sales experience.


A furniture store POS needs to be flexible and accommodating. Your solutions provider should offer you solutions for in-store and mobile processing so that you can meet the needs of customers wherever you go.

If your system doesn’t connect to your backend and integrates neatly with the solutions you already have in place, it may be time to upgrade.

We offer an array of solutions that help meet the needs of furniture stores. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your store’s needs with you and find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Call us today at 1 (800)720 3323 to discuss how we can help you upgrade to a mobile furniture store POS.

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If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you $500!*

We happily accept merchants processing any amount. Price guarantee for merchants processing $10,000 or more per month. Free terminals and other promotions depend on processing volume, credit and qualifications.

Customer focused

If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you $500!*

We happily accept merchants processing any amount. Price guarantee for merchants processing $10,000 or more per month. Free terminals and other promotions depend on processing volume, credit and qualifications.