Does Your Business Accept Smartphones?

In 2017, the mobile wallet market was worth $880.21 billion. Over the next eight years, experts at the website project that the worldwide market value will go up to $9.35 trillion. Again, that’s “trillion” with a T, so according to this projection, the market will grow by more than 10 times in less than […]

Understanding the Cash Discount Program

Cash Discount Program

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing is Possible With Cash Discount Credit card processing can come with some hefty fees and is becoming increasingly expensive for merchants. This is especially a challenge for small businesses with small budgets. Interchange fees, otherwise known as swipe fees, can become a financial burden on small businesses when they decide […]

Easy Ways To Reduce Processing Fees

It’s no big secret that becoming a profitable company requires not only generating a steady stream of income but also reducing overall costs. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to payment processing. Credit card processing lets you accept the widest possible range of payment types, driving up your potential income.