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6 Ways Web Payment Processing Can Boost Your Bottom Line

February 3, 2022 • by jclarknationalprocessing-com

Sometimes adding new processes to your business can cost you time and money and leave you wondering if it is even worth it. But with web payment processing you will see so many benefits, you won’t be wondering for long. Here are 7 ways web payment processing can boost your bottom line:

Bigger Tickets

Research has shown that people who make purchases with credit and debit cards spend more than people who pay in cash or check. Because of this increase in volume, merchant accounts practically pay for themselves!

More Sales

If you have an online presence, and people are landing on your site as an answer to their internet searches, you better strike while the iron is hot. Don’t underestimate how eager they will be to press that ‘add to cart’ button once they realize you’ve got what they need and they needn’t look any further, but they will be looking further if a credit card payment option isn’t nearby that ‘add to cart’ button. Ready, set, ka-ching!

Broaden Your Market

With web payment processing, your neighborhood store becomes a national player. 20,000 potential customers can quickly increase to millions.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping Process

Use a National Processing gateway to connect to QuickBooks. If you use QuickBooks accounting software, sync your web payment processing with your bookkeeping files. This is easy to set up, and it saves you the hassle of having to manually key in transactions. Eliminates human error as well.

Customer Email Addresses

Some companies pay good money to third parties for lists of email addresses. Your customers can receive digital receipts via email with National Processing web payments, which means you capture that customer’s email address — for free. Use these emails to send thank-you notes or to invite customers to join your mailing list.

Advertise on Your Receipts

Now that you’ve got their attention, add some marketing gems to your receipt. Include a shout out for your social media sites. Add a coupon. Make that electronic receipt count!

Many accounts pay interest on the money for as long as it is in your account. You can earn this interest, save time and money; ensure accuracy of your payment, and so much more when you use the online payment option. The time has come to move into the next generation of financial services. Check out what web payment processing can do for you.

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