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ACH Payment Processing – Secure, Easy, Convenient

July 29, 2021 • by jclarknationalprocessing-com

A Good Option for Business

For business owners looking to give their customers the most options when it comes to payment methods, it makes good sense to offer ACH payment processing. Fast, secure and reliable, ACH payments are a quick and easy way for your customers to get funds to you and an affordable way for you to give them flexibility. Suitable for one time payments or recurring auto drafts, these payments are a great way to help any business grow in today’s uncertain economy. 

Many customers prefer to use pay via ACH over any other method, so offering them is a great way to encourage new customers to patronize your business. An ACH payment is an electronic form of payment that draws funds directly from one bank account to another bank account. Similar to a check, it offers both the payer and the payee security and peace of mind, knowing that their funds are being transferred through the secure Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network. Called an automatic clearing house, the Fed’s secure network takes all incoming ACH requests and routes them to and from the proper banks. 

ACH payment processing allows your customers to pay you today, with cash from their bank account, rather than having to withdraw cash, write a check or use a credit card, which will accrue finance charges. 

Great for Customers Too

For your customers, ACH payment processing offers many benefits. Not having to write a check means that they can save on postage and the worry that the check might not make it to its intended destination. Because an ACH transaction is automatic, and is coordinated with their bank directly, there is also no risk of a payment overdrawing their account. 

Opting for an ACH payment also means that your customers can avoid having to use their credit card to pay for goods and services, which saves them on interest and finance charges that would normally accrue. As a business owner, offering ACH payment processing also protects your interests. Not having to take checks means no more bounced checks. Not having to take a credit card payment means you don’t have to pay interchange on the transaction, transaction fees on an ACH payment are typically much, much lower. 

If you are a service provider, being able to offer recurring payments for services that you offer, such as cleaning services, monthly pest control or childcare helps ensure that you get paid on time, every month.

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