National Processing Becoming the Fastest-Growing Payment Processor

fastest growing payment processor

Small, medium, and large businesses are forever linked to the payment processing industry since payments help power business operations. The competitive aspect of payment processing means that businesses have plenty of providers to choose from. However, it can be tough to find one that checks all the boxes


Luckily, National Processing is leading the way by offering affordability, reliability, and transparency to business owners. Being open and honest about how transaction fees work is one reason we are becoming the fastest-growing payment processor! 


Rave reviews from customers are another reason we’ve grown, not to mention third-party reviews like this one from highly respected


National Processing Growth


We feel honored to be one of the fastest-growing payment processors and able to keep serving our customers the way they deserve. After all, running a business takes a ton of time, effort, and energy. So, if we keep doing our part, our customers can stay focused on their business, which helps them achieve growth. 


Win-wins are our aim and have been since our launch nearly seventeen years ago. This customer-first attitude is in our company’s DNA and integral to our employee training. 


As a result, we have also been recognized as a leader in the payment processing industry as members of the prestigious Inc. 5000. 


Making this list, published by Inc. Magazine annually since 1982, is no easy feat with the stiff competition. The criteria to be among this elite 5000 is to have achieved more growth than the tens of thousands of American businesses for the year.


We are humbled to be in the midst of great companies who have made the Inc. 5000 in the past, such as:


  • Patagonia
  • Dell
  • Vizio
  • Zillow
  • LinkedIn


National Processing Reviews And Testimonials

What details were in the review?


Let’s take a look at what is helping mold us into the fastest-growing payment processor.


  • We were applauded for adding transparency to an industry known for not being transparent with fees.
  • It was noted that our company leaned into interchange-plus pricing early on (which saves customers money and makes fee structures easy to understand).
  • We provide top-tier customer service to all business sizes in a wide range of industries.
  • Flexible plans make it easy for new merchants to get started with National Processing.


Perhaps the clearest example of National Processing’s customer-forward commitment? discussed how our customers can avoid being locked into contracts.


To many business owners, this is unheard of in the merchant services world they have experienced. Yet, our founder, Wayne Hamilton, believes this should become the norm.


“The practice of not using contracts reiterates to customers that National Processing is committed to serving them and earning their business every month.”

What do business owners say about National Processing?


Customer Reviews 


Below are three highlights from reviews given by our customers.


“The best thing about National Processing is that they don’t raise rates on you.”


“American-based customer helpline and I wasn’t stuck on hold forever.”


“Online customer service is extremely satisfactory in resolving pending matters.”


It’s clear we are making our customers happy with our service, but what else leads to becoming the fastest-growing payment processor?

fastest growing payment processor

Reputation And Reliability In The Payment Processing Industry


Unfortunately, many providers in the payment processing industry don’t have a good reputation. They are often seen as unreliable and overpriced. Worse, many providers are seen as untrustworthy because business owners feel they are getting charged an unfair rate that was not part of the deal when they signed the merchant services agreement. 


This is even more common when someone starts a new business, having never before used payment processing.

New business owners often don’t know what to expect. So, they might only talk with one salesperson – the first one that contacts them. This keeps them from comparing rates with other providers, which is a must for getting the best rates in such a competitive industry.


Once owners sign the contract, they can feel stuck if the rates are out of alignment with what they were promised. If their account representative doesn’t return their calls in a timely manner, that can be just as frustrating.


Long ago, we made a commitment to be the best friend a business owner could have. These hardworking people need a partner in the payment processing  arena. That’s our goal, day in, day out. 


As we’ve grown, our customers have benefitted from our merchant services expansion, which we cover below.


Merchant Services Expansion

We understand the challenges and limitations small businesses have and how much they want to reach the next level. That’s how we felt in the beginning stages of our business, long before we started becoming the fastest-growing payment processor. We went from a handful of customers, mostly traditional business types, then expanded to a huge array of businesses in various industries.


Today, National Processing serves business owners from all walks of life who offer an incredible range of products and services. 


Our company is one of the few providers that make high-risk businesses feel welcome. Not only are we happy to partner with business owners with high-risk challenges, we’re confident we can save them a ton of money and provide guidance on payment best practices to avoid high-risk pitfalls (see below).


  • We have a huge library of resources on our website to educate business owners.
  • Our fraud-prevention tools are industry-leading.
  • National Processing reps ensure each business owner understands all the features available with their payment gateway, point-of-sale system, handheld devices, software integrations, etc.


Our company believes in being a valuable partner from the start of the business relationship and sticking together for years – ideally, decades!


Other third-party reviewers have found the same thing with our payment processing…


NerdWallet And Forbes Rate National Processing 5-Stars

Anyone who’s been using the internet over the past ten years knows NerdWallet is as trusted a financial source as any. So, take a moment to see NerdWallet’s review of National Processing as one of the fastest-growing payment processors:


  • 5-star independent review
  • Competitive processing rates, especially for high-volume merchants 
  • Works with high-risk merchants in various industries
  • Offers popular integrations like WooCommerce, Zendesk, OpenCart, WordPress
  • No long-term contracts (also means no early termination fees)


Many processors only want you to take their word for how good their rates are and how they take care of business owners. We believe in transparency, though. We encourage you to seek out third-party reviews so you can shop and compare various processing companies. 




If you could find another company that saves you more and has better customer service, we wouldn’t try to talk you out of using that provider. However, we’re so confident that our rates and service cannot be beat, we offer a $500 Guarantee to our customers.


Want to get started with National Processing? Sign up here.


Let’s not focus on that unparalleled Guarantee for now. We think it’s better to highlight what another trusted name in finance found. Below is another third-party review of National Processing. It’s from Forbes, which has covered the financial world since 1917.


  • Transparent pricing. Clear monthly costs and transaction fees, no hidden charges
  • Tailored solutions for different industries (retail, restaurants, e-commerce, nonprofits)
  • Specialized support for high-risk industries prone to fraud, bad credit or chargebacks
  • Innovative tools like virtual terminals, free equipment reprogramming, free mobile readers


See Forbes’s full review of National Processing.


It’s time for a final thought on the people who have helped our company flourish.


SMB Payment Solutions

Helping others achieve what they want is the straightest path to achieving your own goals. 


National Processing has witnessed this unfold time and again since our founding.


When you put your customers’ needs ahead of everything else, it is nearly impossible not to succeed in business. That’s why we’ve gone all in on another aspect of the payment industry — top-of-the-line SMB payment solutions that get constant updates.


Payment processing is a fast-changing industry, making it difficult for a provider to keep up with changing technology. However, it is the merchant services provider’s duty to ensure it does keep up! Or else their customers are the ones who fall behind and pay the price.


From the early days of basic credit card readers to today’s mobile wallets, we have seen all the payment evolutions possible. We had a front row seat to the action, paying close attention to the newest SMB payment solutions that save business owners money and make their operations run smoother. 


The ultimate goal being that busy business owners would eventually not have to worry about payments at all. Once they had a trusted provider that gave them solutions they needed to win, then they would not have to think about payments – ever!


That would put them in perfect position to run their business without distractions and hassles and without losing profits to exorbitant processing fees.


Today, that is a reality for the customers National Processing serves. They are winning and we could not be more humbled by being a partner in that success. 


FAQ About National Processing


What makes National Processing different from other payment processors?

Our fee structure is clear, simple, and transparent. Plus, we offer customers the opportunity to avoid merchant services contracts. Those factors differentiate us from other processing companies aiming to be the fastest-growing payment processor. 


Don’t take our word for it – see Merchant Maverick’s review of National Processing here.


Is National Processing’s $500 Guarantee matched by any other merchant services company?

To our knowledge, no other provider offers this $500 Guarantee.


Isn’t it simpler to sign up with a processor that doesn’t require an application?

It’s simpler but riskier. Some new players in payment processing offer merchant services to anyone without even filling out an application. This appears an easy path, yet major problems are ahead if approved and then the provider decides your business is too risky and they shut down your merchant account. This would devastate a small business.

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If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you $500!*

We happily accept merchants processing any amount. Price guarantee for merchants processing $10,000 or more per month. Free terminals and other promotions depend on processing volume, credit and qualifications.

Customer focused

If we can't beat your current rates, we'll give you $500!*

We happily accept merchants processing any amount. Price guarantee for merchants processing $10,000 or more per month. Free terminals and other promotions depend on processing volume, credit and qualifications.