Is Your Credit Card Processing Up To Date?

Credit card processing is a convenient and popular way for retailers—both physical and online!—to have a fast, easy way to handle transactions. It even provides easy to access financial records for both the retailer and the customer in order to save time when tracking financial activities. But just how secure is your credit card processing […]

What Happens If You Are Hit With Credit Fraud?

The credit card is one of the most versatile ways for people to buy things in the modern world. With a credit card, even if you don’t have the money on hand, credit card processing allows for people to make convenient or necessary purchases. This can be done either at a store, it can be […]

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Spare No Expense To Protect Your Customer Data

Data breaches of customer information are one of the worst nightmare scenarios for 21st century businesses that use modern, digital storage techniques. When it happens to a larger company, it can be a huge blow to consumer confidence, and certainly cost a bigger business, with a big reputation, a lot in both profit and in […]

If You’re A B2B, You Want ACH Payment Systems

Different companies will have different ways of approaching the way they handle payments and finances. Not every solution is ideal for the way a company works. For example, if you’re a business that works providing a product or service primarily to other business, that’s a completely different way of operating from a retail business. Retail […]