Does Your Business Accept Smartphones?

In 2017, the mobile wallet market was worth $880.21 billion. Over the next eight years, experts at the website project that the worldwide market value will go up to $9.35 trillion. Again, that’s “trillion” with a T, so according to this projection, the market will grow by more than 10 times in less than […]

Merchant Processing For Service Companies

Firstly, what is merchant processing? It is the act of transactions taking place between a client and a merchant. When many people think of this task, images of traditional brick and mortar establishments pop into their head. Customers pay via cash, check, or card at a register to obtain goods. However, there are loads of […]

Payment Descriptors Can Prevent Chargebacks

The chargeback is one of the most dreaded financial activities for any business. It’s particularly likely—and unwelcome—during busy periods, such as the holiday season, when there is an increased amount of business. No business enjoys finding out that a credit card company is removing funds from the business bank account because a customer is unhappy […]

Is There No Checkout In Your Future?

For generations now, the physical concept of buying things in a real-world, brick and mortar retail outlet has remained the same. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a giant chain franchise, or a small, independently owned business, the purchasing process is the same. People get the items they want to buy, and once they’re ready to […]

Fight Fraud Before The Chargeback Occurs

The credit card is one of the most convenient ways for consumers to pay for goods, products, and services. Not only does it mean people no longer have carry cash in their wallets, they don’t even have to have the cash in their bank account, or make transactions at a physical location. However, when a […]

ACH Can Help You At Work & At Home

If you run a business, especially if you run a B2B operation, where your clients and/or customers are other businesses, you probably already know about the professional advantage of ACH payment processing. ACH or Automated Clearing House payment processing is a slower, but safer, cheaper form of payment processing that sacrifices the speed of an […]