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Explanation of Credit Card Processing Costs and Fees

Credit card processing varies between 1.5% and 3.5%, depending on numerous factors, including the issuer, payment processor, and more. Credit card issuer rates vary by brand Card networks have their own fees for credit and debit transactions. The top three networks and their average transaction costs are: American Express is the most expensive, with fees […] read more ⟩⟩

June 3, 2022

Understanding Nacha

Nacha was created to ensure that all ACH network requirements and rules are followed. They also provide clear guidance to all of the banks in their network so that they maintain strict executive and federal legislation compliance. What is Nacha? National Automated Clearinghouse Association (Nacha) is responsible for the ACH Network: Administration Development Governance Nacha […] read more ⟩⟩

June 2, 2022

How Common is Apple Pay and Why Should I Accept It?

Apple Pay is a common form of payment and is accepted by more than a million businesses across the U.S. More than 1 billion people use iPhones across the world, so it makes sense to accept Apple Pay. Doing so gives your customers more payment options and convenience. Accepting Apple Pay also allows for quick […] read more ⟩⟩

June 2, 2022

What You Need to Know About Opening a Merchant Account

If you want to accept credit or debit card payments, your business needs a merchant account. Opening a merchant account is a straightforward process, but there are still requirements that you’ll need to meet to be accepted. Here are some important things to know about opening a merchant account. You Will Need a Business Bank […] read more ⟩⟩

May 31, 2022

A-Z Explanation of Credit Card Transactions

How credit card processing works Credit card processing occurs in stages, and each stage plays an integral role in ensuring that not only can customers pay for goods but that merchants are also paid. Stage 1:  Authorizing the Charge Merchants must swipe the buyer’s card or use the chip reader. During this time, the information […] read more ⟩⟩

May 31, 2022

US-Based Merchant Account

Understanding how merchant accounts work if you operate in the United States and have a business overseas requires you to understand the many different types of merchant accounts available. However, it’s also crucial to understand that specific industries, especially those with high chargeback rates, are prohibited from setting up a merchant account. Let’s take a […] read more ⟩⟩

May 31, 2022

Why eCommerce Plus Brick-And-Mortar Equals Good Business

With so many businesses closing up shop globally and around the U.S., many people believe that brick-and-mortar stores are slowly becoming relics of the past. After all, the following businesses have been found in malls and plazas for decades, but have either closed completely or drastically reduced their locations in the past few years: Kmart, […] read more ⟩⟩

May 18, 2022

Where Do ISOs & MSPs Belong in Credit Card Processing?

An independent sales organization (ISO) or member service provider (MSP) is a third-party organization utilized by a credit card member bank to process payments. These services allow organizations to accept credit and debit card payments in exchange for their products or services. ISOs and MSPs are effectively the same. Independent sales organization” is a term […] read more ⟩⟩

May 3, 2022

ACH vs. Credit Card Transactions

Consumers should have the option of paying using their preferred payment methods. ACH transactions offer enhanced payment flexibility. What is an ACH transaction? ACH transactions occur between two banks or institutions through the ACH network. The National Automated Clearing House Association governs the network. Consumers can pay using: Checks Checking account Electronic check Savings account   […] read more ⟩⟩

May 2, 2022

ACH Payment Processing Time

ACH payments are processed differently from other forms of payment. The processing time can take several days, depending on when the request is sent and several other factors. How Long Does It Take For Funds To Be Received In My Bank Account? ACH payments aren’t instant. It can take several days for the funds to […] read more ⟩⟩

May 2, 2022