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Transparency In The Credit Card Processing World

In the world of credit card processing, transparency is king. In fact, transparency has its own language… okay, maybe not language, but there are keywords, that every business owner should pay attention to, such as yes, no, never, and always. Any business (worth its weight in salt) should be able to deliver on these transparent […] read more ⟩⟩

January 21, 2022

Terminals That Make Credit Card Processing A Cinch

Companies that accept multiple payment types tend to see better profits than cash only entities. By allowing consumers to purchase goods or services with credit cards, checks, and money too, the business accommodates customer spending needs, which prevents the establishment from having to turn people away. Although there are many benefits to letting shoppers pay […] read more ⟩⟩

January 21, 2022

5 Great Free Project Management Apps

Every project that your business takes on will have an impact on its future. Even if the project is completed successfully, what you may not realize is that you also have to make sure that it goes smoothly – otherwise, you’ll be paying for extra manhours and lost productivity. Good project management apps can help […] read more ⟩⟩

January 20, 2022

7 Ways to Lower the Number of Customer Chargebacks and Save Your Company Money

Every business owner has experienced customer chargebacks. This is most likely to occur when the customer is unsatisfied with the product, did not receive their order, or experience fraudulent charges on their card. Business owners know that this is an unavoidable part of running a company, so they accept it as a necessary evil. Almost […] read more ⟩⟩

January 4, 2022

Why It’s Beneficial to Become a SNAP Food Stamp Merchant

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an opportunity for all merchants who want to earn more revenue and serve their local communities. EBT merchant services make it simple and easy to start accepting SNAP – and other EBT forms of payment. What is SNAP? SNAP is a government program offered by the USDA through the […] read more ⟩⟩

December 21, 2021

6 Must-Know FAQs for ACH Usage

Electronic check, also called ACH or eCheck ACH, is a popular way for small businesses to offer customers a convenient, easy way to pay for goods and services. Paper checks are less popular in today’s digital world. However, people still hold their money in bank accounts, use direct deposit, and pay using electronic checks. The […] read more ⟩⟩

December 15, 2021

What You Should Know About Electronic Payments

We still live in a world where cash, checks and money orders can be used to make payments and purchases, but nowadays merchants increasingly rely on electronic forms of payment as well. This can be a fast, convenient and secure method of payment, but there are a few things you should know about electronic payments […] read more ⟩⟩

December 10, 2021

Special Visa Interchange Rates for Supermarkets and Charities: What Merchants Need to Know

When processing credit card transactions, merchants have to pay an interchange rate, which is a certain percentage of the transaction volume plus an additional fee. Several factors can affect your interchange rate, and some merchants can take advantage of special interchange rates. Today, we’re going to cover two types of businesses that enjoy special, lower […] read more ⟩⟩

December 7, 2021

ACH Payments Are Changing How Small Businesses Work

Automated clearing houses (ACH) provide services that clear transactions between the payer’s and merchant’s banks electronically. They are a secure payment made under the supervision of the Federal Reserve Banks. ACH processing offers an option to small businesses to securely and quickly receive and send payments at lower costs than other options such as credit cards. Additionally, small […] read more ⟩⟩

December 3, 2021

The History And Future Of The ACH Network

BIt’s hard to overstate just how valuable the ACH network is and has been for people around the United States. Major enterprises all around the country use ACH as the exclusive means of processing their payroll. In fact, streamlining payroll was actually the first use of ACH that became widespread throughout the financial industry. Companies, perhaps like […] read more ⟩⟩

December 3, 2021