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Make Paying At The Table A Cinch With This Point Of Sale System

Make Paying At The Table A Cinch With This Point Of Sale SystemGoing out to eat is one of life's simple luxuries that numerous people enjoy. After all, they are able to munch on delicious food and don't have to worry about cleaning up afterward. Consumers partake in the activity with friends and family members regularly. They also use the dining experience for dating and getting to know co-workers. However, sometimes, the end of the breakfast, lunch, or dinner can become tedious.

Some restaurants have cash registers at the front of the establishment. Hence, after getting their belly full, the client has to stand in line and wait to pay. This action grows tiresome quickly, especially when all the person wants to do is be on their way. In other cases, the server leaves the bill at the table. Then, the customer is expected to place their credit or debit card inside a sleeve with the invoice. The waiter or waitress takes care of the transaction and brings back a receipt. There is nothing wrong with this method as establishments have been doing it for years. But, does anyone really know what is happening with their card while it is away? If an untrustworthy person is handling the piece, they could potentially write down the numbers or take a picture of the item to try and drain your bank account at a later time. Luckily, there is a way for eateries to eliminate such worries. Read further to learn about a top-notch point of sale terminal.

Dejavoo Z9 Wireless 3G And WiFi

Restaurant owners must also realize that many, many people want to pay with their phones today. Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, Samsung Pay, and loads of other apps allow them to do just that. Rather than pulling out cash or a card, the user simply waves their smartphone near a point of sale terminal or taps it to complete the transaction. Thus, not many people will be comfortable with servers taking their devices away from the table. The Dejavoo Z9 Wireless and WiFi terminal is the ideal solution. It lets the consumer stay in their seat while taking care of the bill. This unit has 192 MB of memory, a 32 bit 400 MHz high-speed processor, and features built-in EMV and NFC contactless support. It also includes things such as... • A 3.5’’ Color LCD With Touchscreen • Self Discovering WiFi Networks • An Optional Charging Station • Portable, Lightweight Design So, restaurant owners should think about obtaining this point of sale terminal. In turn, no long lines will build up with clients waiting to pay at the door, and customers won't have to worry about their cards being handled by everybody. Instead, safe and secure transactions will happen at the table.

Posted in Payment Processing on Jan 24, 2019