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Small Merchants With Good Credit Card Processing Benefit From Black Friday Backlash

November 30, 2021 • by jclarknationalprocessing-com

Bolstered by concerns about working conditions around the holidays, more and more people in the United States are unofficially boycotting “Black Friday” events at major retailers. Some of the highest-profile U.S. retailers have even seen major disobedience from employees.

Independent reports are making the rounds on the internet suggesting that some stores in malls around the U.S. have decided to opt-out of early Thanksgiving shopping entirely — and that a handful of these have been threatened with fines by the malls where they lease space.

However, it’s important for small retailers to understand that this doesn’t indicate a sudden and sweeping change in consumer patterns for the holiday season. Rather, it’s an unusual expression of concern and solidarity in favor of letting retail workers enjoy holidays as well.

How does this affect you as a small business? If you have strong credit card processing in place, you can ride the wave and capture more holiday sales by closing on Thanksgiving and letting your online storefront do the talking.

“Cyber Monday” May Soon Replace Black Friday Frenzies Entirely

Every year, more reports come out about people trampled during Black Friday sales. To make matters worse, many people go to Black Friday only to find that they were not able to get any deals at all, since doing so requires being there when the door opens!

Black Friday is fast becoming outmoded as people demand a convenient and efficient alternative to long lines and potential injury. That’s exactly where your online storefront can make a big difference.

“Cyber Monday,” the Monday following Black Friday, is traditionally the big day for online sales. However, savvy online brands are quickly moving to make Black Friday an online event.

Retailers who decide to do this may have a chance to divert a significant portion of holiday sales into their own coffers, even when competing against big rivals with more established “brick and mortar” locations.

The Major Issue For Online Sellers Isn’t A Big Brand Name — It’s Credit Card Processing

When it comes to holiday shopping, customers are willing to work with any brand that can provide them with what they want. However, that brand has to offer security and a streamlined sales processing experience.

This is especially true for niche brands that offer products customers might not be able to find elsewhere!

To make sure you are getting your share of holiday profits, get in touch with National Processing. We are the most trusted name in credit card processing for small businesses, mid-sized enterprises, and big brands.

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