Take Advantage Of Recurring Payments

One of the big advantages of modern payment processing systems is the amount of convenience and choice that’s now available to vendors and customers of vendors. This is especially true when it comes to the receiving of payments. In the old days of the 20th century, setting a payment schedule consisted of little more than […]

How To Make Sure You Get Your Payments

How To Make Sure You Get Your Payments

When you work with clients or other businesses and provide products or services, there are fairly substantial amounts of money that may be involved. Most businesses are run by honest, ethical people that appreciate the product or services you provide, so malice is usually not involved when payments don’t come in on time. But if […]

Payment Solutions for Property Management


Today’s property management teams are dealing with a very competitive market. When it comes to getting leads, turning these leads into interested calls, then turning calls into visits and leases, they’re competing with various other property management teams to create the most welcoming and accommodating environment for their prospective residents. With merchant solutions for property […]

Invoice and Billing Software

Precision and accuracy are the main ingredients to an efficient and productive accounts receivable department. Processing your payments through National Processing grants you access to easy to use, affordable billing and invoice software that links directly to your Quickbooks. With today’s technology and a good payment processor, anyone can set up recurring invoices custom designed […]

ACH – Automated Clearing House Services

The primary purpose of ACH or Automated Clearing House is to clear large batches of payments in groups rather than processing payments one at a time. There are many benefits associated with this type of payment processing, especially when you consider how highly efficient and highly reliable it can be. It is estimated that as […]