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Warren Buffet Says: “Always Have Two Sources of Income” – Why and How to do it

The average millionaire or billionaire, throughout the entire world, relies on a minimum of seven sources of income to keep them in the “aire” end of the financial spectrum. read more ⟩⟩

July 20, 2021

How Mobile Card Readers Can Benefit Your Business

The abundance of card payment options has been a thing for quite a long time. But that’s evolving too. App-based mobile card readers are replacing traditional card terminals. As they do kind of a similar job, you might be wondering what’s the point of switching to those high-tech app-based machines. The benefits of mobile card […] read more ⟩⟩

July 20, 2021

National Processing Sponsoring Operation Underground Railroad

National Processing is proud to announce their support and sponsor of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and their efforts to stop and prevent future child sex trafficking and slavery. O.U.R. was founded in December of 2013 by Tim Ballard. Ballard worked as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security and Homeland Security Investigations. While he was working […] read more ⟩⟩

June 21, 2021

National Processing Now Working With QuickBooks

The Right Tools for Your Business We know as a small business, owners like you are always looking for extra help running your finances in the most efficient way possible. Today we are happy to report National Processing offers QuickBooks, a tool that helps you simplify everyday accounting.  QuickBooks Product Features Business owners trust QuickBooks […] read more ⟩⟩

June 14, 2021

The Post-Pandemic Economy: The COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses

As the nation cautiously begins to resume the life we knew pre-pandemic, small businesses must have reopening and recovery strategies. All businesses have had to make difficult choices over the last year, and for many, this meant closing their doors. However, closure or running reduced operations may end up being less complicated than what’s to […] read more ⟩⟩

April 9, 2021

Round Three of SBA and PPP Loans: What This Means for Your Business

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, passed at the end of December, provides a third round of SBA disaster loan assistance and SBA PPP loan opportunities for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic Applications can only be submitted until the end of May or until the funding has been exhausted. Businesses that missed out on previous […] read more ⟩⟩

April 7, 2021

Don’t Just Survive…Thrive During Coronavirus Through Cash Discounts

Many businesses are viewing this COVID-19 pandemic as a time to just focus on survival. But businesses can use this opportunity to stimulate sales, build up immediate access to capital, and save money on processing fees by offering our cash discount program. Even while upwards of 40 million Americans are unemployed, money is still flowing […] read more ⟩⟩

August 20, 2020

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing A Processing Company

Starting a new business can be scary. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. But you aren’t everyone. You are willing to do what it takes to get your business up and running. That’s why you want a processing company that will be right there with you the whole way. You need […] read more ⟩⟩

January 27, 2020

Self-Service POS Is On The Rise

You may have noticed them at the big-box stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Where the express lanes used to be you can now find self-service checkout stations that allow customers to scan all their own products, bag them up how they like, pick their favorite payment method, and then grab the receipt and walk out […] read more ⟩⟩

October 3, 2019

4 Payment Options For Online-Only Businesses

The internet allows people to connect from thousands of miles away and purchase products and services without ever meeting face to face. However, to make these transactions work you need a way to safely and quickly process payments. Variety is almost always a good thing for online merchants, so try to implement all of the methods […] read more ⟩⟩

September 26, 2019